I turned 80 this year and decided to move. I must have been crazy.
But, then I decided to call Smooth Transitions. Best move I ever made! Bill
Moulds is my new hero and his crew is not far behind. Teddy, Di, and Ran
were great. They were professional, but very congenial, when they arrived
(On Time!) to pack my stuff. However, it was the other end of the move that
really impressed me. They were way ahead of me in deciding where things
should go. Finally, Bill went out of his way to add the final touches such
as hooking up my sound system and such. Like I said at the beginning, this
was the smartest move I ever made thanks to Bill, his crew, and Smooth

Bob P.

I will always recommend you for the rest of my life. Without you I would not be in Switzerland now, I really appreciate all your help ❤️❤️

Edith C.

Being a public safety figure in today’s world can be very time consuming.  That being said, Diane and I were concerned as to how we would manage all the components involved in our upcoming move.  We heard about Smooth Transitions and their ability to coordinate all the aspects of such a job – taking a lot of stress off of our plate.  They became the primary contact for everything!  They packed our belongings efficiently and professionally, managed the move, oversaw the progress of our estate dispersal, organized auction pick up and all of the donation deliveries.  Lastly, they unpacked our items and helped us make our new house a home. What a relief to have had Smooth Transitions taking care of us.  Diane and I certainly possessed the abilities needed to tackle this project, but we didn’t have the time.  Smooth Transitions had both!

Clint Van Zandt

Kim, you were so wonderful as we went through my mom’s illness and then the estate dispersal after she passed. You not only “took the stress out of changing the address” but were also a therapist and listening post. Looking back, i realize even more how much you helped us through this process. I hope i said thank you at the time, but I’m saying it now for sure.


I would like to relate my experience with the wonderful company SMOOTH TRANSITIONS. I was faced with a move from my eight room house, that I had lived in for thirty-eight years, to a three room apartment in a retirement community. Neither my husband nor I were physically able to handle the move. I suddenly realized that I had three weeks to accomplish all of this. It was simply an overwhelming task for me. I found the card that had been given to me by one of the communities that I had visited and I called SMOOTH TRANSITIONS. Kim and Karen came to my rescue. In three weeks they had helped me sort what to keep, what to give away and what I could take. They even arranged a sale for all the furniture and other items that couldn’t go, even the garden tools and birdbaths.

The day of the move they were right here, putting the food and the dishes in the cabinets, the bathroom items away and even making the bed. All of this was done with great good cheer and boundless energy.

I can’t say enough about how great they were!! I couldn’t have done it without them.


lv1This letter of recommendation is written on behalf of Kim Moulds with Smooth Transitions.

When I was faced with the daunting task of moving my parents from their 5,000 square foot home to an Assisted Living Facility apartment, I was overwhelmed. After 65 years of marriage and 30 years in the military; they had…