I would like to relate my experience with the wonderful company SMOOTH TRANSITIONS. I was faced with a move from my eight room house, that I had lived in for thirty-eight years, to a three room apartment in a retirement community. Neither my husband nor I were physically able to handle the move. I suddenly realized that I had three weeks to accomplish all of this. It was simply an overwhelming task for me. I found the card that had been given to me by one of the communities that I had visited and I called SMOOTH TRANSITIONS. Kim and Karen came to my rescue. In three weeks they had helped me sort what to keep, what to give away and what I could take. They even arranged a sale for all the furniture and other items that couldn’t go, even the garden tools and birdbaths.

The day of the move they were right here, putting the food and the dishes in the cabinets, the bathroom items away and even making the bed. All of this was done with great good cheer and boundless energy.

I can’t say enough about how great they were!! I couldn’t have done it without them.